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Shemale Nicole fucks Michele into every hole

Nicole is trying to earn some extra money at an Irish pub. She has to wear a special uniform that’s a white blouse with a short tweed skirt, high stockings and high heels. Everything would be fine if the other girls didn’t wear similar clothes, especially those short skirts that bother Nicole’s dick very much. It’s constantly getting stiff, sliding out of her tight panties. The next time waitress Michelle got Nicole all hot and bothered. Usually modest Nicole would ignore such advances, but feeling emboldened, she gave Michele lots of ale to make her drunk and then mercilessly fucked her into every hole.

The Medicine for a Dickgirl

Christine decides to visit the doctor because her cock is hard all the time. She is finding it difficult to hide it most of the time. Well, maybe she can get some pills to make her cock stay limp and tuck it away during college at least. The doctor turns out to be a gorgeous, sexy woman with a cure that does not involve any pills but more of a “hands-on” approach. Out comes the strap-on and off comes Christine’s white pantyhose! After the doctor fucks Christine, the doctor learns that Christine knows how to use her big cock! This may take a lot of therapy to cure! This may take a lot of therapy to cure!

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The Ladyboy in Red

He was approached by a beautiful woman in red at the casino. She seductively flirted with him and they went back to his hotel room for some hard fucking action. As he undressed her, he realized he wasn’t the only one with an erection. So he pumped the tranny deep in her ass and ended up giving her a sticky creampie. Then he went down on the tranny sucking her off until she blew her enormous load all over his face.

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The dancing queen

She met a man in a dance club who was pretty hot and hunky. They went for a stroll on the beach and started to make out. She dropped to her knees and sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. Then she rolled him over to give him a surprise of her own. He was shocked to see that the woman had a big cock. So the shemale fucked the straight man in the ass until she blew her jizz on his face and then took off never to be seen again.

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Tailor made for him

She took all of her business suits to the tailor for fitting and during one session of measuring her body, she felt quite horny as he placed the tape around her body. So the ladyboy let him remove her sweet panties and start sucking on her growing erection. The tailor bobbed his head up and down for several minutes and then bent over the desk to let her enter him. The tranny gave him a hard pounding while he grabbed onto the table and then spilled her load on his back.

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To Drill? With much Pleasure

A woman arrives for an appointment at her dentist. She has been there a few times but something about this visit seems strange. She goes to have a seat in the dentist chair. After waiting for a few minutes, a leggy blonde assistant walks in wearing a short, tight nurse uniform with white silk stockings and a surgical mask. Soon, a second busty blonde assistant walks in also wearing a mask. Yes, it is Amanda and Nicole! They plan to drill this sexy patient but not with the normal dentist tools. Just as the woman passes out from the anesthesia, she sees a big cock in a condom in her face

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Shemale Girl’s Day Out

The two sexy shemales went shopping together and decided to try on some clothes. As they watched each other undress, they became very horny and started to fondle each others’ big tits in the dressing room. Their erections were building and then soon one of the trannies began fucking the other. Then the ladyboys took turns fucking while they both came together in the privacy of the public dressing room…

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The Surprised Repairman

Priya is home on a break from college. Her mom is away on business so Priya is alone, bored and lonely. Before she left, Priya’s mom, Smitha, called to have the TV repaired and left a note on the kitchen table. Of course, Priya never saw the note. Laying in bed, bored and horny, the doorbell rings. Waiting outside is the working class Joe repairman, pissed off he has to go to another big, expensive house in the rich suburbs. It is his last call of the day and he is in a bad mood. When he sees the young Indian girl at the door, he is frustrated that she is rich but also turned on by the petite teen. He gets more then he bargained for on this service call!

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